Thursday, June 5, 2008

Might actually start updating this thing again.

If you're into webcomics at all, you've probably heard about the crap about this CAD comic. Now, let me start out by saying I've never been a fan of Ctrl-Alt-Delete. When compared to some of my favorite webcomics it's always been lacking in both art and in dialogue, but if there was ever a reason to hate Tim Buckley and his comic this is most definitely one. CAD is a comic about video games. CAD is also a comic about its characters, which I can understand and respect. Fanboys is a good example of how a comic about video games can have recurring characters and recurring character stories and do it right. 

Now, I don't mind having some Drama mixed in with my Comedy when it suits the medium. Scrubs, for example, is a great situational comedy with drama thrown in to keep the show interesting and it works. With the kind of comic Buckley is trying to make, it doesn't work. Since I don't regularly read CAD, I decided to try to find the beginning of the pregnancy arc. It was talked about for a good 5 or 6 comics, then barely mentioned again until the miscarriage comic. Honestly, I've never thought very highly of Buckley's work, but now I see the guy himself as little more than a pretentious prick. 

The other thing I want to touch on today is this week's Rock Band Downloadable Content update. A visit to the official Rock Band Forums a couple days after the new DLC is announced on Friday afternoon is always a trip. There will be some people praising Harmonix for the week's Rock Band fix, there will be people who are calmly indifferent to the week's choices, and the largest group will be people raging about how this week's songs are 'total shit.' The last group will also state how they can't wait to sell Rock Band in favor of the upcoming Guitar Hero: World Tour that will hit this fall. 

Now, I personally think Harmonix has been doing a stellar job with their DLC. We've been getting at least three new songs a week since the game launched, and on many weeks anywhere between 6 songs and full albums. Up to now there's been an awesome mix of bands I love(Such as Boston, the Grateful Dead, Stone Temple Pilots, Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Police, etc) which is awesome, and some bands I don't like, and that's okay too. People have different tastes, and not everyone who bought Rock Band likes the same music I do, so too each his own.

To the point, this week Harmonix released six DLC tracks. Three of them were by Disturbed, and three of them were by Jimmy Buffett. Now, while I'm not a Disturbed fan I am a fan of Buffett I was eagerly looking forward to these tracks, and I was equally interested in how the rest of the community would feel about Jimmy Buffet in Rock Band. To my pleasant surprise a lot of people were happy about the Buffett additions, but there were a ton of people that were raging to the point that they wouldn't buy any more DLC until 'Harmonix got their heads out of their asses.' Such people claimed that Buffett has no place in a game called 'Rock' Band, and if they didn't get their AC/DC or Led Zeppelin fix they were moving to the next Guitar Hero installment. 

Who are people like this to decide what kind of music belongs in the video game? It's incredibly frustrating watching people who bitch constantly about not getting what they want when they want it. They act like Harmonix aren't trying to get bands like Zeppelin and AC/DC into Rock Band, when I'm quite certain they are. It's just hard to get a band like Zeppelin to hand over the rights to their music for a game. If anyone has seen School of Rock, Jack Black had to get on his hands and knees(literally, he did it on video) and beg Zeppelin to let them use a short snippet of "The Immigrant Song" in the film. So seriously, if you don't like the DLC for a week then just shut up and wait until the next week.

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