Monday, June 9, 2008

Scientology, World of Warcraft.

This past Friday I was in downtown Clearwater posting fliers and handing out pamphlets for the Anonymous Anti-Scientology campaign that's been going on since January. After being out there for a good five hours I was walking back to my car in the library's parking lot when I was cut off by a familiar face. Anonymous protestors, including myself, know him as Peter or Mr. P. He's approached members of the group before, offering to speak to us about anything we would like to know concerning Scientology. Most of us usually turn him down, simply stating we know everything we care to know. This time I decided to take him up on the offer and see what he had to say.

He was surprisingly friendly about the whole deal. I've dealt with several Scientologists since I got involved with Anonymous, and most of them have been extremely belligerent, claiming that since I was a bad person for having a problem with L Ron Hubbard's teachings, and subsequently trying to push their beliefs on me. Most will also deny things like Operation: Freakout, Operation: Snow White, or Lisa McPhearson ever happened. They will also start acting dumb when you bring up the OT3 story of Xenu. During this conversation, Peter did none of this. He acknowledged that all of those things happened and flat out said there was no reason to pretend the Xenu story isn't real any longer. He basically wanted to tell me that he's at the point where we can agree to disagree. He knows the protests and the campaign won't stop. It was actually relatively refreshing to talk to a Scientologist that wasn't on an 'always attack, never defend' kick.

That said, the next protest is scheduled for this Saturday, June 14th. It's a worldwide event, so check your area for one. Clearwater will be meeting in Coachman Park around 10:00AM. The theme this month is Sea Arrrgh. We will be dressing up like pirates, with the main theme of the protest being Scientology's own private navy, the Sea Organization(SeaOrg for short). If you are against things like 100 hour work weeks, child labor, coerced abortions(If you're pregnant while in the SeaOrg you either get an abortion or get kicked out of the SeaOrg), and overall bad living conditions then come out and join us. Your voice helps!

This past Saturday I reactivated my WoW account for (at least) a month. I'll mostly be playing my characters on Firetree. If you play, hit me up on Zapdos(70 resto shaman), Gailtort(70 demo warlock), or Ronal(70 Rogue). I may play past the month's expiration if I'm still having fun with it. 

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